Interesting and difficult problems have always sparked my interest, and this is what led me to computer science. Being able to put my passion and creativity towards these problems is what keeps my love for the field growing. Among my work you will find games, apps, and little projects.

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Kouhai Quest
A prototype for a subversive visual novel about losing control
Kraft & Slash
A cute roguelike adventure game set in the world of Artificer
A game which uses an extensive crafting system to drive puzzle-based gameplay within a narrative structure
The ultimate private food journaling app that allows you to keep journals of your expeditions in your local town or while travelling abroad.
MLP FF Neural Network
Taking machine learning for a test drive
Chemistry ORPG
An engaging RPG driven by a robust chemistry model
A classic roguelike game
A mafia bot plugin for Discord's Red
In-depth, interactive learning with VR
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